It’s vital that we make sure all of our people feel involved, safe and that they belong. That’s when we perform at our best for our customers, clients and each other. We all have a role in creating this inclusive culture.

We encourage colleagues to be part of our employee-led networks and regional inclusion groups. These groups partner with the company and each other to make progress on a range of issues.

Mental Health Network: Mind Matters

Mind Matters is our network which focuses on raising awareness of mental health and reducing the stigma around mental ill health. Recognising that we all need a little help with our mental health at times, Mind Matters are committed to helping colleagues find the support they need.

Mind matters logo

Young Talent Development: Next Gen

Next Gen was established to offer equal access to development opportunities and events regardless of employees’ entry route to the business or what business area they work in. Through providing access to these opportunities they seek to enable employees – particularly those at the start of their careers – to make a difference within abrdn and society more widely.

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The Armed Forces Network

The Armed Forces Network offers guidance and employment advice for ex-service people and reservists. The network recognises the broad range of transferable skills that they possess and seeks to aid in their transition into life at abrdn, whilst supporting those already in the company.

Armed forces

LGBT+ Network: Lighthouse

Lighthouse is our LGBT+ network and is for everyone, regardless of if they identify as LGBT+ or not. Their aim is simply to enable all abrdn colleagues to be themselves at work. Lighthouse is an inclusive, welcoming, safe space for anyone looking to be involved with, learn about, and engage with the LGBT+ Community.

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Ethnicity Network: Unity

Unity is our network focused on ethnicity and multi-culturalism. Unity recognise the need to improve racial and ethnic diversity, particularly in leadership and senior management roles, and promote inclusion so that colleagues from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds can bring their true selves to work without fear of being misunderstood or not accepted.

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Gender Network: Balance

Balance is our network that focuses on gender. Balance champions inclusion and equality and works to engage all colleagues in the gender diversity debate to drive positive change and achieve gender balance across the organisation.

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