In Investments we believe that high quality research and connected teams deliver positive outcomes for clients.

We believe we add value through our deliberate, active decision making at each stage of the investment process and that all styles of investment require active decision making at some level, whether that be incorporating fundamental discretionary or systematic quant approaches.

This active approach is supported by close collaboration between different asset classes. As a result, investment professionals make better-informed decisions, leveraging the full spectrum of insight which is available.

The level of responsibility and exposure has been staggering. It is an incredibly stimulating environment to work in, and I have enjoyed the plethora of opportunities that have already come my way.”

Eleanor Jamieson

Our broad and deep investment capabilities allow us to offer roles across a variety of different areas which may include:

  • Equities
  • Fixed Income
  • Investment Governance & Oversight
  • Multi Asset
  • Private Markets
  • Real Estate
  • Product & Client Solutions
  • ESG
  • Quantitative Investing

From day one, you’ll contribute to our ambitions whilst developing your skills and knowledge. Over the 10 week Summer internship you will be given real work with tangible outputs, allowing you to gain exposure to real investment and business situations, with real responsibility.

Regardless of which team you join within the Investments stream you will gain a depth of experience, getting the opportunity to work with seasoned professionals across our business and engage in development activities with your peers on the internship programme.

You will be based with the same team throughout the Summer internship placement.

On completion of your Summer internship you will be considered for a position on our 24-month rotational graduate programme. Details of the programme are below.

Summer internships

Applications for our 2023 Summer Internship within Investments are now open.

We also currently have graduate opportunities available within:

Real Asset

Investments Vector

The graduate programme

This programme gives graduates the chance to start their career in a highly supportive team environment, whilst gaining skills, experience along with support through further qualifications.

  • Duration: Two year graduate programme
  • Structure: Four rotations lasting six months
  • Development: Support to work towards a professional qualification, commonly a CFA
  • Location: Edinburgh and London

Applications for our 2022 Graduate Programmes within Investments are now closed.

The culture is unlike any other firm I’ve experienced – everyone in the company is so down to earth and willing to help with any or problems you may have. There are always people socialising after work and having fun in the office too. It’s genuinely the best working culture I’ve ever experienced.”