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Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, The Exchange, 150 Morrison Street, Edinburgh EH3 8EE on Wednesday 18 May 2022 at 2pm (UK time).

We will be broadcasting the AGM live by webcast. If you have questions for the Board, you can submit these in advance, or during the meeting. Directors will respond to as many questions as possible during the meeting.

Register to join the webcast and submit your questions to the Board.

Read more about the meeting in our AGM guide – which includes the notice of the meeting and a full description of each resolution.

The resolutions

Resolution 1: To receive and consider the Annual report and accounts 2021

Resolution 2: To declare a final dividend for 2021

Resolution 3: To re-appoint KPMG LLP as auditors

Resolution 4: To authorise the audit committee to set the auditors’ fees

Resolution 5: To approve the Directors’ remuneration report

Resolution 6A: To re-elect Sir Douglas Flint CBE

Resolution 6B: To re-elect Jonathan Asquith

Resolution 6C: To re-elect Stephen Bird

Resolution 6D: To re-elect Stephanie Bruce

Resolution 6E: To re-elect John Devine

Resolution 6F: To re-elect Brian McBride

Resolution 6G: To re-elect Cathleen Raffaeli

Resolution 6H: To re-elect Cecilia Reyes

Resolution 7A: To elect Catherine Bradley CBE
Resolution 7B: To elect Hannah Grove
Resolution 7C: To elect Pam Kaur
Resolution 7D: To elect Michael O'Brien

Resolution 8: To provide limited authority to make political donations and to incur political expenditure

Resolution 9: To authorise the Directors to issue further shares

Resolution 10: To disapply share pre-emption rights

Resolution 11: To give authority for the Company to buy back shares

Resolution 12: To authorise the Directors to allot shares in relation to the issuance of Convertible Bonds

Resolution 13: To disapply pre-emption rights in respect of allotments of equity securities in relation to the issuance of Convertible Bonds

Resolution 14: To allow the Company to call general meetings on 14 days’ notice

Resolution 15: To authorise the cancellation of the capital redemption reserve, subject to confirmation by the Court of Session

Issued Share Capital – Total voting rights

On 28 February 2022 – the latest practical business day before the printing of the Notice of Annual General Meeting – the Company’s issued share capital consisted of 2,180,725,131 ordinary shares, carrying one vote each. No shares were held in treasury. Therefore, the total voting rights in the Company as at 28 February 2022 were 2,180,725,131.