Aberdeen Standard Investments (ASI) has launched a new MyFolio Sustainable Fund range offering investors access to five risk graded, multi-asset portfolios that aim to do ‘more good and less harm’*.

The ASI MyFolio Sustainable range offers five funds with different expected combinations of investment risk and return, each with an objective to generate growth over the long term (5 years or more) while being managed to a defined level of risk.

As a fund-of-funds range, the portfolios are comprised of carefully chosen funds which meet the requirements of the ASI MyFolio Sustainable Investment Approach. The funds will invest in a manner that seeks to account for long-term environmental and social risks and opportunities and to promote good corporate governance through investment in other funds.

This includes investing more in funds where managers are focused on companies that treat people and the planet well and identifying those that contribute to positive and measurable solutions. It also includes selecting funds whose managers meet with companies to understand their governance procedures and apply pressure when required to make positive change, as well as avoiding companies such as manufacturers of controversial weapons; tobacco; thermal coal producers; and those that don’t meet the UN standards on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

The MyFolio Sustainable portfolios are managed by Joe Wiggins, Head of Portfolio Management and Matthew Wiles, Senior Investment Analyst at ASI.

Joe Wiggins commented:
“The MyFolio Sustainable range offers advisers a robust suite of well diversified multi-asset investment portfolios, which explore sustainable investment in a controlled risk environment. Our tried and tested Strategic Asset Allocation process provides a solid foundation from which we can deliver strong returns to investors seeking a sustainable approach in their investment choice.”

  • ASI MyFolio Sustainable I
  • ASI MyFolio Sustainable II
  • ASI MyFolio Sustainable III
  • ASI MyFolio Sustainable IV
  • ASI MyFolio Sustainable V

* Versus funds without an explicit sustainable mandate




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