• Campaign launches as abrdn research reveals the majority of people believe investing can have a positive impact on society.
  • Yet more than two fifths believe you need to invest a lot of money to have a positive impact on society.
  • And a third would be more likely to invest if they knew their money was benefiting society.

abrdn has unveiled a new advertising campaign to positively reframe investment as not only a means of generating financial returns, but also as a force for good, as research reveals the majority of people believe it can have a positive impact on society.

The campaign, The Power of Investment, will show how considered investment can not only help people achieve their personal financial goals, but also support the advancement of society and the issues they care about.

The Power of Investment is abrdn’s first campaign since it changed its name in July and reflects the simplification of the business under a single brand with more ways to help people plan, save and invest for their future.

The campaign launches today (12th November) and includes a television advert that shows by investing in different industries and asset classes people can have a tangible, positive impact on the world they live in.

For example, abrdn’s advert will show that by investing in industrial robotics, people are investing in technology that gives amputees access the next generation of prosthetic limbs. Or, by investing in construction of a sports stadium for instance, they are investing in supporting to help sustain and support communities.

The Power of Investment also aims to debunk misconceptions about investment, including that its only function is to generate financial returns and that it is a strategy reserved for financial institutions and wealthy individuals.

The campaign comes as abrdn research finds the majority (54%) of people believe investing can have a positive impact on society, yet more than two fifths (43%) believe you need to invest a lot of money to do so.

Additionally, over a third (34%) of people would be more likely to invest if they knew it was having a positive impact on society.

The research also found just 14% of people associate investment with altruism, while more than three quarters (78%) associate it with risk and more than two fifths (67%) associate it with reward.

Stephen Whitehead, Chief Brand, Marketing and Corporate Affairs Officer at abrdn, said: “We want to show people that they have the power to create a better future for themselves and society through investment, and that they can do so in a way that suits their personal beliefs, objectives and financial means.

“The Power of Investment also represents what we want to achieve as abrdn. Our name change brought five brands together with a renewed sense of purpose. We are future-focused and committed to giving our clients and the next generation the tools and support they need to achieve their ambitions.”

Noel Butwell, CEO, Adviser, at abrdn, said: “This campaign reflects the conversations our adviser partners have every day. They help clients navigate the world of investment, and empower savers and investors to plan for the future and support the people and causes they care about most.”

The campaign will run across print, digital and social media and out of home advertising over the next year. The television advert airs tonight (12th November) on ITV.



Research of 2,000 UK adults. Fieldwork was carried out by OnePoll in November 2021.

Notes to Editors

At abrdn, we empower our clients to plan, save and invest for their futures.

We structure our business into three areas – and together they reflect our focus on enabling our clients to be better investors:

Investments: We work with clients to create solutions across markets, asset classes and investment strategies – combining our global network of investment professionals with research, data and technology.

Adviser: We offer market-leading platform technology and tools that enable UK wealth managers and financial advisers to look after the diverse needs of their clients.

Personal: We help people throughout the UK plan for their financial futures – through our financial planning business and our digital investing services.

Through the expertise, insight and innovation of our team, we aim to help clients create more ways for money to make an impact. We set our sights on giving them more confidence to achieve their goals, and more clarity about what they need next. And we focus on delivering outcomes that are more than just financial – by investing sustainably to build a better world.

We’re a global business. We manage and administer £532 billion of assets for our clients, and we have over 1 million shareholders. (Figures as of 30 June 2021)

abrdn is the single global brand for all areas of our business. abrdn.com

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