• New research shows that four in five (78%) UK retirees have not sought any professional advice on their retirement plans, with almost half (48%) of retirees worried about running out of money in retirement.
  • Barriers still clearly remain for many when it comes to seeking financial advice, with the cost of advice and concerns that it is only for those with a lot of money most quoted as the reasons for not getting help.
  • Gender is also playing a role here, with only a fifth (19%) of women having spoken to a professional financial adviser, versus a quarter (25%) of men.

With four in five (78%) retirees admitting they have not sought any professional financial advice, current and future retirees are being urged to consider getting advice on their retirement plans.

New research by abrdn polled 2,000 UK retirees and found that despite almost half (48%) admitting they are worried about potentially running out of money in retirement, millions are not seeking help.

Almost a third (31%) said that they hadn’t spoken to someone because of the cost of advice, while a fifth (19%) said it is because they believe only those who have a lot of money can benefit from professional advice.

Meanwhile 16% say they simply ‘can’t be bothered’ with the time and effort of seeking advice and one in ten (9%) say it’s their lack of experience that puts them off.

Shona Lowe, financial planning expert, abrdn, said: “There’s a common misconception that financial advisers are reserved only for the wealthy – but this is simply not the case.

“Whether it be tax implications, managing ever-changing expenses, supporting loved ones or the very current concerns about the rising cost of living, speaking to an expert can set you up for a better retirement both financially and emotionally. A key part of that emotional wellbeing comes from having taken control of both your own financial future and that of your loved ones, and having the right support as you decide what’s right for you.

“That’s why we would urge anyone approaching retirement to seriously consider seeking advice. A financial adviser can make your money work as hard as possible and allow you to focus on enjoying your retirement years.

abrdn’s research also highlighted that a gender gap is evident in those seeking advice, with women less likely to seek advice on their retirement plans in comparison to men.  

Less than a fifth (19%) of women in retirement have spoken to a professional financial adviser, versus a quarter (25%) of men. Female retirees are also less likely to contact their pension adviser with questions (9% of women versus 15% of men).

Comparatively, women are more likely to turn to their partner, friends or family for advice compared to men (8% of women versus 6% of men) but are less likely to search for answers online (6% of women versus 10% of men).

And there are regional variations too.  abrdn’s research found that retirees living in the East Midlands are most likely to have sought advice on their retirement plans (28%), followed by those in the North West (24%) and South East (23%).

Retirees in Wales (16%) and in the North East (17%) are the least likely to have spoken to a professional finance adviser prior to retiring.

Shona Lowe, financial planning expert, abrdn abrdn, said: “It’s alarming to see gender disparity and regional variations when it comes to seeing who is seeking advice on their retirement. As an industry we have a duty to change this by making advice accessible and demonstrating its value.

“Although there is a wealth of material available online, and speaking to those around you is often helpful, we want to encourage more people to consider the benefits that personalised financial and retirement advice could bring to them.”

abrdn offers a financial and retirement advice service. You can get started with a free call to an expert to find out how advice could help you and your investments. You can receive a free retirement income report, free retirement planning support and get financial advice for your retirement. To find out more please visit here.




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Consumer research of 2,000 UK adults who are retired. Research was carried out by 3Gem in September 2021. 


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