COP23 was the second UN climate summit since COP21 where the ‘Paris Agreement’, a pledge to keep global warming below 2°C by reducing emissions, was created. We attended as part of the UK Government’s Department of Trade delegation to learn more on the perspective on the impact of climate change on markets, investment approaches and outcomes. We also took part in a panel on how private and public sector institutions can speed up investment into the transition to a low carbon economy.

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Leading the way with Big Issue Invest's 'Power Up'

Find out about Standard Life Aberdeen's leading role in the 'Power Up' programme. We will work with the Big Issue to invest in social ventures and charities.
20th December 2017

Standard Life Aberdeen supports launch of Taylor Bennett Foundation programme in Scotland

Find out how SLA is supporting the Taylor Bennett Foundation programme. Tackling the lack of ethnic diversity in the workplace is important to us.
7th February 2018

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