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What we offer our clients

  • ESG Integration

    Aberdeen Standard Investments sees ESG as examining a potential or current investment from a risk and opportunity perspective. We analyse all of an investment’s risks and opportunities before and after investment is made to understand the quality of that investment and to help us know how best to engage a company on its material issues.

    We do not examine financial and/or ESG risks in silo, but rather look at these in combination, so that we have the best understanding of where a company is in terms of its quality and potential over the longer term. This process is quite unique to Aberdeen Standard Investments, in that we do not necessarily weigh ESG or financial factors equally.

  • Impact Investing

    Our impact investing approach targets strong financial returns alongside positive social and environmental impact. Using the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework, we developed eight impact pillars to assess, address, monitor and measure the ways in which our investments contribute to positive social and environmental outcomes.

  • Reporting

    We believe it is important to be as clear and informative on the major ESG issues surrounding both our own business and our investee companies. We produce quarterly updates on ESG themes and trends, as well as our own ESG engagements and activities. We also produce bespoke client reporting for our sustainability-driven solutions, such as our impact investing strategies.

Our Capabilities