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What is the Consumer Duty?

The Consumer Duty is a very significant piece of regulation that sets higher expectations for the standard of care firms across the financial services industry give to consumers in retail financial markets.

It aims to ensure that existing best practice around good outcomes for consumers is applied consistently across the industry.

In the advice sector, good client outcomes are already wired into day-to-day operations.

Your firm should already be delivering on the majority of what the Consumer Duty aims to achieve because of existing regulatory alignment and having the processes in place to help deliver good outcomes and fair value for clients.

Consumer Duty next steps and the landscape ahead


Russell Bignall and Alastair Black discuss the immediate and long-term implications due to the Consumer Duty and explain how firms can prepare.

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Supporting you to get ready

The Consumer Duty outlines four key outcomes that set out in detail the FCA's expectations of firms. Each of these are key elements of a firm's relationship with consumer and driving good outcomes. To help you meet the regulator's deadlines, we've created practical guidance and support material.

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