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Elevate can help you deliver outcomes that are important to your clients. Everything you need for your sign up journey can be found below.

Before you sign up

It's easy to sign up to Elevate online. If you have the right details on hand, signing up will take between 10-15 minutes. In most cases there's no need to call or post signed forms.

To complete registration for your firm you need to be a nominated signatory. A nominated signatory is authorised to accept the Elevate Adviser terms of Business on behalf of their adviser firm.

Please note: If your firm is already using Elevate and you want to add new users, this is done by contacting your firm’s admin user and not by completing this sign up process.

Before you start our online sign up process, follow these steps:

1. Due diligence

Please take the time to review the platform’s offers and capabilities and whether it meets your client and business needs. We created a guide to help you perform these due diligence checks on Elevate.

Download the due diligence guide (PDF)

If you have questions or want to discuss your particular need, call us on 0345 600 2399. Call charges will vary.

2. Review with your clients

Use our client guide to check your clients’ suitability. This will help determine if Elevate is right for them and what they can expect from the platform.

3. Gather necessary details

To register you must have the authority to accept the Elevate Terms of Business on behalf of your firm.

You will also need:

  • Your firm or network’s details and Financial Conduct Authority number
  • Companies House Registered Number (if applicable)
  • Contact details: Registered address, phone number and website
  • Your firm’s bank account details
  • Your admin user’s details, including date of birth (you can add more later)
  • Details of an adviser that will be using Elevate, including date of birth (you can add more later)
  • If applicable, details of the clients you want to move on to the platform. You can bulk transfer them.
  • Name of parent company or holding company (if applicable)
  • Details of how many controlling shareholders, including Ultimate Beneficial Owners and Persons of Significant Control that your company has and details for these individuals / companies, i.e.
    • Individual Details:
    • Shareholder Name
    • Shareholder DOB
    • Residential Address
    • Company Details
    • Company name
    • Business address
  • An understanding of the Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Counter Terrorism Finance (CTF) and Sanctions Policies and procedures that your firm operates*
  • An understanding of the AML, CTF and Sanctions employee training your firm has in place*
  • An understanding of your identification and verification process*

*As part of changes in AML regulation, and increased focus on AML policies post the Russia/Ukraine conflict, we want to ensure that abrdn and the firms we do business with are meeting regulations.

This means that we have enhanced our Elevate Platform onboarding forms to capture key AML data points and obtain attestations from new IFA firms and new Appointed Representatives (ARs) of existing IFA firms. This is to protect you and your customers from money laundering and fraud and avoid the need for direct customer contact.

The regulations (Money Laundering Directives 4 & 5) are vast and have a high level of interpretation, we therefore want to partner with you to ensure compliance for you, your customers and abrdn.

What happens after I sign up online?

We’ll set you up on Elevate and send you two emails within 5 working days. One with your new login details, the other with a link to create your own password.

Then your adviser and admin user can start using Elevate straight away. Your admin user can also start adding other staff from your firm.

Ready to sign up? Select an option below:

To complete registration for your firm you need to be a nominated signatory. A nominated signatory is authorised to accept the Elevate Adviser Terms of Business on behalf of their adviser firm. Is your firm an appointed representative firm which belongs to a principal firm or network?

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If you need any help completing the form please speak to your usual abrdn contact or email us at