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Business level data and reporting

How to view and produce reports on your business level data.

Risk warning

The value of investments can go down as well as up, and the investor could get back less than was paid in. Laws and tax rules may change in the future. Personal circumstances and where the investor lives in the UK will also have an impact on tax treatment.

Getting started

How to view Business level data

  • Click on to Business management on the left- hand side menu and you are automatically taken to AUM.
  • Your assets under management (AUM) will be displayed at the top of the screen. These include ‘Current Asset Holdings’, ‘Pending Cash Transfers In’, ‘Pending Asset Transfers

    (Re-Registration)’ and ‘Total of Asset holdings’

    • These are also displayed within a graph with changeable filters to edit the date range. Hover over a section to display results.
    • Further down the screen you will see Asset Holdings. This shows you the breakdown of Assets held per Wrapper across your chosen timescales. You can amend the date range for this and for the graph data using the Date Drop Down option.
    • Wrapper Summary shows you the amount of AUM per Wrapper as at a specific date. The default is today’s date and you can change this if you wish. You also have the ability to click in to each Tax Wrapper heading and a list of clients holding that Wrapper, together with their holding value will pull through.
    • Adviser Charges shows your fees broken down in to Initial, Ongoing, Regular and Ad – hoc charges. You can select the date range that you wish to view and the boxes below the data allow you to select which fee type that you would like to see. This data can be viewed per adviser and you can select to see the data as a table or an inter-active graph that allows you to select/de-select charge types to display.
    • There is also a Client Summary option that helps you with understanding your client segments. You can set parameters based on portfolio value to split your client base. At the bottom of this page there is a section that shows brand new accounts that have been added to the platform too

How to produce business level reports

  • Click on to Business Management on the left- hand side menu.
    • Click on the Menu option at the top right- hand side of the screen and then select Adviser Reporting.
    • This will take you to the Adviser Management Info screen.
    • You can also get to this screen by using the Run Reports on the top left- hand side of the Business Management home screen.
  • Select the report you require using the Reports dropdown option.
    • You can then select to report on all advisers or a specific individual.
    • Select the dates you require the reporting on and then click Create.
    • Scroll down the page to access the report.
    • When it is ready to view the report status will show as complete
    • Click on to this Complete link to access the report.
    • You can use the search filters to access previously generated reports. You can search by report type and date range.
Some of the reports return no data for Fundzone users e.g. SIPP detail report.

Business reports available

Adviser Dealing Report

 Helps you identify what deals have been booked/filled/cancelled over various periods of time. It complements the Track Orders functionality that is available at client-level and within Client Base.

Asset Allocation Report

 Shows the overall asset allocation being used either by a specific adviser or across the entire firm at any given moment in time.

Asset Allocation Report

 Shows the overall asset allocation being used either by a specific adviser or across the entire firm at any given moment in time.

Cash Balance Report

 Shows the value of the total portfolio along with the liquid cash value in both monetary and percentage terms. This is given for each of the products that each client holds and helps you to ensure there is sufficient cash allocated for charges.

Cash Transactions Report

Provides a list of all cash transactions over a date range selected by you. You can filter this by transaction type.

Client Listing Report

Allows you to create a list of Wrap accounts, including the contact details for these clients (address, telephone, email) either for audit purposes or to create mail merge documents. This report also shows clients linked for Family Terms.

Commission Paying Accounts

Shows which clients (if any) are on non-standard platform and product charge terms

Customer Terms Report

Shows which clients (if any) are on non-standard platform and product charge terms

Failed and cancelled adviser charge report

Shows all Adviser Charges that have failed or been cancelled within the date range selected.

Income and Withdrawal Instruction

Shows historical income and withdrawals over a specified date range for ISA, Personal Portfolio and SIPP. This report is available 24 hours after being requested.

Income and Withdrawal Report

Shows all active regular instructions for ISA, Personal Portfolio and SIPP.

ISA Subscriptions Report

Enables you to identify which clients have a current year Stocks & Shares ISA on the Wrap platform.

Myfolio Fund Holding Report

This report provides a specially formatted list of a clients MyFolio holdings to import into the MyFolio Lookthrough tool.

Outstanding Adviser Charges Report

Shows all of the Adviser Charges overdue during the date period selected. A payment is marked as overdue if, on the day that it is due, it could not be paid due to a lack of cash being available in the relevant cash account.

Paid Adviser Charges Report

Shows all of the Adviser Charges that were paid during the date period selected.

Pending Adviser Charges Report

Shows Adviser Charges that have been asked for but that the platform hasn't tried to collect - such as IAC on a transfer or IC on a new client account that has been submitted but not activated. Once the transfer comes in (or the account is activated), the platform will try to collect the AC debits on this report - after that, the AC debit will move to either the Paid Adviser Charges report (if it's been paid) or the Outstanding Adviser Charges report (if there wasn't enough cash).

SIPP Detail Report

Shows you information from the SIPP Detail screen for all clients. It also shows the level of SIPP Cash in monetary and percentage, current income being taken and frequency. This report is available 24 hours after being requested.

Total Holdings Report

Allows you to retrieve aggregate holdings information, either by adviser, by product, by fund, by date, by client, or by any combination of these criteria.