Emily Bevens, Head of Client Enablement, explains more about our ability to offer powerful, proactive support to adviser firms as they prepare for Tax Year End.
Last year, the run up to Tax Year End (TYE) was one of the busiest times for our Client Engagement Hub. Over the period, our team handled an average of 1,500 calls a day, responding to a wide range of queries. These included setting up new and regular contributions, payments in and transferring money from retirement savings into an ISA.

We continued to spend as much time with each caller as needed to resolve their query – and there was one other core part of our service.

Thanks to the rich insight our Client Engagement Hub’s world-class technology had gathered in the run up to TYE the previous year, we could proactively support adviser firms and clients with their needs.

As I’ve highlighted before, the service we can deliver to adviser firms is key to the best-in-class experience we can offer to help create more efficiencies for them.

This year, as we work towards TYE and anticipate the higher volume of calls into our Client Engagement Hub, we’ll continue to put our strength to work for advisers with the even richer data we have, offering a proactive support service that, for our industry, is ahead of its time.

Analysing data and offering proactive support

The proactive support we can deliver is about saving adviser firms time so that, in turn, they can spend more time with more clients.

With the help of the technology, Amazon Connect and Salesforce Service Cloud, calls to our Client Engagement Hub generate rich data in real time which is analysed daily to identify each area of demand and the most common query. This analysis, which is displayed on dashboards around our Client Engagement Hub, means we can have powerful, proactive conversations with advisers.

In the run up to TYE this year, the volumes of data and feedback we’ve already analysed allows us to know the main challenges for advisers around TYE and also helps us to predict the questions coming into the Client Engagement Hub.

We’re also proactively sharing insights where we can with adviser firms, for example, sharing answers to their most frequently asked TYE-related questions with them. This level of support allows firms to plan and identify the needs not only of their clients, but the training needs within their firms, so saving them more time in the future.

In addition, this year’s TYE support material, which is available online and includes information on cut-off dates, has been tailored according to the most frequently asked questions we received last year.

Continually driving improvements to our service standards

Our commitment to service excellence means we continuously benchmark ourselves against not just our competitors, but against world-class service organisations too.

And our ambition is to continually drive improvements to the service that we offer. As part of that, the development and upskilling of our talented team is ongoing. They have the autonomy to take the time needed to support each caller into the Client Engagement Hub - giving guidance and using our collaborative browsing tool if needed to show how to self-serve on our platform.

Following each call into the Client Engagement Hub, we analyse every piece of feedback from the survey form we send out and we have dedicated Customer Feedback Champions to act on the back of it. Once recent piece of feedback reads: ‘It’s the first time I’ve ever had a response to any survey, whether positive or negative. It’s very refreshing to hear from you, and for this, full marks.’

It doesn’t stop there. To ensure we’re delivering higher standards of service, we’ve an established ‘Voice of the Client’ team member to handle any issues within a 24-hour period and we hold a daily ‘Voice of the Client huddle’ across our team to continually monitor our standards.

Over the TYE period, our goal is to continue to be the easiest platform to partner with and our feedback tools recently reported that 87% users found us easy to deal with and our client satisfaction score stood at 96%.

Year after year, our Client Engagement Hub is set up for success and defining what the future of service looks like, for more efficiencies within adviser firms and for good client outcomes.

The value of investments can go down as well as up and your clients could get back less than they paid in.

The views expressed in this blog should not be regarded as financial advice.