In her second article, Emily Bevens, Head of Client Enablement, explains more about our passion to save advisers time so they have more of this precious asset to focus on clients.
Our drive to deliver a market-leading service to advisers continues on at pace.

As I highlighted in my first article, we’ve invested in both world class technology and our talent to help us reach our goal.

And we’ll continue to invest in our technology and talent as we know the quality of service we deliver to adviser firms is a core part of the best-in-class experience we strive to offer – a service experience that not only makes it easy for advisers but also helps to create more efficiencies within their firms.

We’re passionate about saving advisers time

Helping to create efficiencies for advisers has never been more important than now. In these uncertain times, with inflation pressures and the rising cost of living, clients need more guidance and reassurance than ever before.

We know firms need an increasing amount of capacity to have important conversations with their clients and it’s why we’re so passionate about saving advisers time.

Our ambition to deliver exceptional service and to be the easiest platform to partner with provides a host of benefits to adviser firms but most importantly, saving time, so they can focus on delivering good outcomes for their clients.

It’s why we’re committed to always getting it right first time and understanding users’ needs and why our client engagement hub is based on a digital first approach, with self-service options that we know, through feedback, have already saved firms time, and helped to create more capacity within their businesses.

We’ve recently implemented demand analysis dashboards so we can support firms to use and understand our digital services based on their previous interactions with us.

This allows us to have targeted, proactive conversations and increases our ability to deliver value to advisers.

And our collaborative browsing functionality, as I highlighted in my first article, helps make addressing users’ needs as efficient as possible

Our teams can actively train and support users to find what they need on our platform. The on-screen navigation allows us to show how to complete each step of a process digitally, so users may not need to contact us at a later date with the same question, so helping to create more capacity for them.

A service that’s transformational

We continue to learn from the world’s leading service organisations and we’ve a desire to use data and client-led insight to drive value for adviser firms. It helps us better understand the needs of advisers and their clients and feedback we’ve received so far tells us that our digital first approach is reaping results.

In fact we act on every piece of feedback received. For example, we’ve made further improvements to our processes so users can now check on the platform for a transfer request update rather than having to contact us. We’ve also implemented a full-time role within our team to review and take action on all detractor feedback within a 24-hour period.

We were delighted to win the award from Professional Paraplanner recently for ‘Best Overall Service to Paraplanners, existing business’. When nominating us for the award, paraplanners specifically highlighted the functionality of our service, with one saying it’s ‘far superior to any of the other providers we are using.’

We’re also delighted that our commitment to digital solutions has been recently recognised by NextWealth, awarding us its Digital Process Champion badge. The award reflects not only the fact that we’re committed to helping the environment, but that paper documentation is only required from clients for less than 10 per cent of our processes.

Of course our results to date, these awards and achieving our ambition would not be possible without great teamwork. Our people answer 24,000 calls a month and we’ve always been here when adviser firms need a hand getting something done – and that will never change.

Looking to the future, we’ve plans to continue to support adviser firms, making it easy for them and saving even more time which they can then reinvest in realising their own business ambitions.

Through our client engagement hub, we’re delivering a service that’s transformational for advisers.

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