Using Online Public Guardian System for updating LPOA

11 September 2023

We’ve made improvements to the LPOA process.

We're pleased to confirm that we'll now accept the online summary of an LPOA for clients that are able to provide the code which we can then access via the OPG system.

This means the POA registering process will be more user friendly and remove the requirement to send treasured original or fully certified documents in the post.

On 17 July 2020 the Office of Public Guardian launched “Use a lasting POA’s service”. The service lets donors and attorneys give organisations access to view an online summary of an LPOA registered in England or Wales.

The service has also been extended to LPOAs dated from 1 January 2016 and the attorneys may request a new or replacement activation key from the OPG when creating their online account using the LPOA reference number.

Before we can activate the LPOA we'll still require identity verification of any attorneys wishing to act on the account, either via a successful electronic check or appropriate identity verification documents.

Here’s the updated process:

Update POA request received from an adviser

You upload a copy of LPOA SUMMARY (where this service is available) to the platform. Then email confirmation to the platform servicing team to advise that the document has been uploaded. You should also confirm the appropriate activation key to allow access to or who will complete the relevant identification checks.

POA received from an attorney/solicitor

If this is an adviser regulated account:

An attorney contacts the adviser, provides them with the code and you follow the process, outlined above.

If there is no adviser on the account or you’re unable to act on behalf of the Attorney/Solicitor:

We require the activation key & LPOA reference number. Upon receipt we’ll check the summary of the LPOA on the OPG site, run a soft identification check, and upload a screenshot of the summary on the Wrap/Elevate platform.

If a POA has special terms, then the original/ ink-certified copy of POA is to be requested.

Please note:

For LPOAs registered before 1 January 2016 and for POAs registered in Scotland and Northern Ireland the registering process stays unchanged.