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MyFolio lookthrough tool

The MyFolio lookthrough tool enables you to access performance, the latest fund updates and commentary quickly and easily. The tool includes options for flexible fund charting and customised client reports.

Capped drawdown calculator

This calculator helps you work out the maximum income your client could take from their pension pot if they started capped drawdown or triggered a capped drawdown income review.

Pension carry forward calculator

Find out how much pension annual allowance your client has available for a tax year. This will help you work out how much can be paid into your client’s pension without triggering an annual allowance tax charge.

Retirement expense tool

Use this calculator to help estimate how much your clients might spend in retirement.

International Bond segments and withdrawals calculator

This calculator will help you select possible segment numbers and withdrawal amounts.

Drawdown price lock calculator

This calculator demonstrates how the Drawdown Price Lock works and lets you see when clients may benefit from locking in their Wrap SIPP charge.

Wrap fund list

Wrap offers access to thousands of funds. View the full selection here.

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