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Risk warning

The value of investments can go down as well as up, and the investor could get back less than was paid in. Laws and tax rules may change in the future. Personal circumstances and where the investor lives in the UK will also have an impact on tax treatment.

Most common questions

Please see the table below for adviser charging payment days regarding ISA, Personal Portfolio and Cash Account. Please note that SIPP and Bond adviser charging payment days may be different.

Frequency Future payment date/day
Weekly  Monday
Fortnightly  2nd & 4th Monday of month
Monthly  25th of month
Quarterly  25th of March, June, September & December 

Payment date is the day payment is paid from the platform. Payments are made by BACS and can take up to 4 working days to reach your bank account.

You can amend active payment instructions under Transactions > Payments/Withdrawals. Use the options within the actions column to make any changes. If you do not have the action column, you can use the Table Editor to add this in. For ISA and Personal Portfolio, you can now edit the amount, charges, and investment selection.

See the Single Contributions or Regular Contributions guide for more information on amending payments in

See the Withdrawals guide for more information on amending payments out.

You can see all accounts linked to the client from within their client record. You can filter the client view to look at specific accounts, such as the individual or joint account, and your filter preferences will be saved for the next time you load up the client record.

To do this, go to Summary Page and select the Total Client/Filter View Dropdown.

Cash Transactions gives a breakdown of all cash movement within an account with the option to export to excel if needed.

You can filter the transaction type to refine your search.

For a history on any payments into the account, update the transaction type to Capital In.

To see any payments out, update the transaction type to Capital Out for ISA, PP and Tax-Free Cash Payments or Withdrawal for SIPP Income details.

You can also click on the eye icon for further detail on transactions.

See the Single Contributions guide, Regular Contributions guide or Withdrawals guide for more information.

Use our quick actions menu on the summary page to select key processes to carry out on your client’s account. You can find the quick actions via the three dots adjacent to the product or on the product tiles.

You can also access the ‘What If’ and ‘No Change’ tools for new client illustrations on ISA and Personal Portfolios.

Our Product Tiles give you tailored information per product including active regular instructions, cash balances, and remaining ISA allowances.

Click into our ISA, Personal Portfolio and Cash accounts for a summary of payments in, withdrawals, charges, and product information.

Our SIPP product tile shows you a pre and post pension split, LTA information, tax code and any income instructions in place.

Client access is set up from within the client account under Activity > Create New User.

The user will have access to all accounts they play a role in as long as these accounts have their Client Portal Permissions set to yes. You can update Client Portal permissions via Roles > Head Account > Account Information > Client Portal Permissions.

See Setting Up Client Portal Access (PDF) for more information.

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