Our code of conduct

Doing the right thing

Acting with integrity, demonstrating sound moral and ethical principles, and being a responsible business that acts with due skill, care and diligence – all of these things are fundamental to the way we operate and the relationships we build.

Our global code of conduct describes the ethical standards that we expect from all of our people. It’s designed to help us understand our responsibilities, the importance of taking accountability for our own actions, and our duty to speak up if we have any concerns.

We promote ethical practices and policies internally and through all of our relationships. This includes taking reasonable steps to ensure that we invest in companies and work with partners and suppliers that apply the same high standards. Our responsibilities to our stakeholders vary depending on how we interact with them, but everyone should be treated fairly and with respect.

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Personal responsibility

All of our colleagues are required to comply with our code, as well as the policies, procedures and laws that apply to their particular jurisdictions and roles. Everyone is asked to confirm annually that they understand and comply with the code’s principles.


We’re committed to operating in an honest and transparent way. Our Speak Up policy enables our employees and external parties to speak up in confidence if they feel an issue needs investigated.

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