What does an ISA cost?

The cost of an ISA is made up of:

- the platform charge (the cost of the services we provide you)

- the total fund charge (which you pay to invest in a specific fund)

How much an ISA with us costs will depend on the investment choices you make.


Our platform charges

Value of platform eligible assets Annual platform charge
On the first £200,000 0.35%
£200,000+ 0.20%


Fund charges

Fund charges vary depending on what you choose to invest in. If you choose our Easy option – your overall annual charge including the platform charge will be 0.55%. If you choose DIY, your fund charge will depend on the funds you choose to invest in, and it will be added to the platform charge to come to your overall annual charge.

You can find details of all of the charges associated with our ISA and the investment choices you make as part of your application. You can also read our Key Features document .

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Interest rates and charges for cash accounts

With our ISA you are automatically set up with three cash accounts. We may pay an interest rate on the cash held in these accounts. We apply a cash management administration charge (CMAC) for the administration of the cash held in these accounts too. Different interest rates and CMACs may apply to each account; these rates are variable so may go up and down.


Cash account Cash interest rate
Platform cash account 0.00% 0.85%
Stocks and Shares ISA cash account 0.05% 0.80%
Personal Portfolio cash account 0.05% 0.80%



Cash management administration charge (CMAC)

The CMAC is in addition to any platform and product charges that may apply to these cash accounts.

This charge is taken directly from the interest received from the bank(s) used to provide these accounts and so is not deducted from the interest we pay you.

The charges vary depending on the interest received from the bank(s) and may go up and down regularly. We will notify you or your financial adviser if the charge exceeds 1.75%.

The CMAC rates stated are example annual rates based on the interest rates received from the bank(s) used to provide these accounts as at 05/05/2022, and assuming a Bank of England base rate of 1.00%.

For the current or previous CMACs please call us.

Important information about our ISA

If you want to know all the detail about our ISA and how it works, read the Key Features document.

ISA key features

ISA terms and conditions

Wrap Services terms and conditions

Wrap Platform Order Execution Policy

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