Our current interest rates

We will pay a variable rate of interest on cash balances held within the Smart+ Stocks and Shares Individual Savings Account (ISA) and the Trading Account. This will be paid into your ISA or Trading Account on the last working day of each month.

Our current interest rate, payable since 1 April 2022:
Account type Gross Annual Equivalent Interest Rate (AER)
Stocks and Shares ISA 0.06%
Trading Account 0.06%

Retained rates of interest

The interest we pay you is not based on the amount that we receive from our banking partners.

In this quarter (06/04/2022 - 05/07/2022), the amount we expect to receive from money deposited by our customers and customers who use other investment services of Elevate Portfolio Services is an average of 0.65% per annum. This compares to an average of  0.34% per annum we received in the previous quarter (06/01/2022 - 05/04/2022). 

Interest is calculated each day and could be zero or negative in the future.

Other interest

We use investment and administration accounts when money is being paid in to and taken out of accounts held with us including when investment funds are bought and sold and when investment income is paid from a fund. No interest is paid on money in these accounts. We currently receive interest of 0.10% per annum on these accounts.


Please note that account charges will be applied to all investments and cash balances held. You can see your charges information document for further details.

If you hold a Smart+ Stocks and Shares ISA or Trading account you can find your Charges Information document in your literature library by logging into you Standard Life Self Investor account.

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