The value of investments can go down as well as up, and your clients could get back less than was paid in. A client's personal circumstances and where they live in the UK will also have an impact on tax treatment. The tax advantages of an ISA depend on personal financial circumstances and may change in the future.

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With Elevate, clients can have a single product or several products. And you can review and manage different products all in one place.

Manage third party investments

If your client has investments with other providers, you may be able to manage them through Elevate. This includes offshore bonds and pensions. You can manage third party investments through a General Investment Account.

By bringing your client's assets together onto Elevate you have a better view of whether they're on track to achieve their financial goals.

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International Bond on Elevate

Elevate offers an offshore investment option with the International Bond, available from Standard Life International. Your clients can invest in a tax efficient way and you can manage more of your clients’ assets in one place. Choose from a wide range of investments to suit their individual goals and use Elevate to manage consistent investment across multiple products.

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