The value of investments can go down as well as up, and the investors could get back less than was paid in.

What is the 17Q risk questionnaire?

The 17 question risk questionnaire is similar to our 10 question risk questionnaire , with additional risk measures.

The 17 question investment risk questionnaire was produced by Oxford Risk Research and Analysis (ORRA). ORRA are an independent company, linked to the University of Oxford. They are leading experts in the field of risk and analysis, dedicated to the practical application of knowledge in risk and risk behaviour.

The 17 question risk questionnaire:

  • provides 5 extra risk measures, offering further analysis of your client’s attitude to risk
  • produces a customised report for every client
  • provides a paper trail to support compliance audit
  • enables a conversation about investment risk with your client

Note: Risk questionnaires are not suitable for use with clients who are unwilling to take any investment risk.

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How to use the tool with your clients

You can either complete the questionnaire online with your client, or download it in a PDF format and send a blank paper version for your client to complete in advance of your investment risk conversation.

  1. Enter your client’s answers online
  2. Calculate your client’s risk tolerance
  3. Save and print a formatted report for your client (including a record of answers given)

The output of the questionnaire will not be saved online. If you wish to keep a copy, you should save it to your PC.

Important information to note

All of the output categories produced by the questionnaire assume that the client is willing to take at least some investment risk.

If a client falls into the lowest risk category, it is therefore necessary for the subsequent conversation to assess whether or not investing is appropriate for them, or whether they would be more comfortable to not invest their money.

This tool or its output do not provide investment advice.

The questionnaire is not a replacement for a conversation with your client about investment risk.

You will need to accept the terms and conditions of the Tool which underpins the questionnaire.

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