Competitive rates for your clients

We set our rates at a sustainable level to support long-term financial planning. What’s more, based on the assets you manage for your most valuable clients, we can offer special terms as well as tiered large fund discounts.

More about Wrap’s value-for-money charges

Fairness first

  • Wrap’s tiered pricing structure means we can give the fairest pricing for all portfolio sizes.
  • It costs us less to deal with firms who use us regularly and which work closely with us. We acknowledge this with improved client terms.
  • Charges are clear. You and your clients will always see a full breakdown of payments.

Offering real value

  • Wrap’s charging tiers mean fees are reduced as your clients’ investments increase.
  • Wrap supports clients in drawdown by locking in the lowest SIPP platform charge when your clients’ SIPP assets are at their highest.
  • Clients who link accounts with family members pay the portfolio charge for the total of their combined investments.

Complete flexibility and no hidden charges

  • There aren't any extra switching charges if you move your clients’ money between funds.
  • There aren't any additional charges for using model portfolio functionality or tools.
  • There aren't any withdrawal or transfer-out charges.

At a glance: Wrap’s charges

Platform charges

Platform eligible assets Platform charge - all products
£0 to £249,999.99 0.35%
£250,000 to £749,999.99 0.25%
£750,000 to £999,999.99 0.15%
£1m plus 0.10%

For more information about what platform eligible assets are, please see our Wrap charges guides.

Wrap charges guide

Wrap adviser charges and options


Comparing platform charges

Jargon in financial services can be confusing, which makes it hard for your clients to compare services or understand what they’ll pay. This document identifies the main components of platform charges and explains what these different charges might look like.


Wrap offers even more value for your wealth clients and families

More value for your £1m clients: 15bps equivalent flat fee

Clients with £1m or more in platform eligible assets in a single account can benefit from a competitive 15bps equivalent flat fee. As your clients may be on varying adviser terms, you have full control to decide which clients could benefit.

Read our guide below for more information on how this alternative pricing structure works. You'll also find instructions for how to request these terms for eligible clients.

Find out more about the 15bps equivalent flat fee

To request these terms please complete this form

More value for families

When accounts are linked for family terms, all family members can benefit from the associated discount. We can link up to 10 close family members as long as one family member has at least £500,000 in platform eligible assets in their individual account. Couples can benefit from family terms too, by linking two individual accounts and a joint account if the combined total is at least £500,000 in platform eligible assets.

For more information on family terms, including terms and conditions, please see our Understanding family/couples discount guide.

Please note:

  • Linking family accounts isn't done automatically by the platform.
  • The 15bps equivalent flat fee only applies to individual assets of £1m or more and won't apply to family-linked assets over £1m.
  • Trusts don't qualify under Wrap’s family terms.

Making it easy for you and your clients

Pre-fund your clients' investments

As time out of the market can have a big impact on your clients' investments, Wrap can pre-fund new investments, fund switches and pension tax relief for them at no extra cost, even if their funds have yet to clear.

Pre-funding can help you:

  • Prevent undue delays when investing your clients’ money
  • Remove the guesswork by reducing the time out of the market
  • Maintain complete control of your clients’ investments

Interest rates

Each Wrap customer automatically has access to a Wrap cash account. In addition, the Wrap platform also operates cash accounts at a product level.

The annual gross interest rate we pay to customers on product level cash accounts is calculated with reference to the Bank of England base rate. This means that you can always work out what the interest rate paid will be, using the table below (paid rates are rounded up to the nearest 0.01%):

Base rate (per tier) % of interest paid to customers
0.00% - 0.50%
0.50% - 1.00%
1.00% - 2.00%
2.00% - 5.00%
5.00% +

For example, under the base rate announced on 3rd August 2023 of 5.25%, the rate we pay to customers on product level cash accounts is 3.00% per annum. This is calculated as 0% of the first 0.50%, plus 30% of the next 0.50%, plus 50% of the next 1.00%, plus 70% of the next 3.00%, plus 100% of the next 0.25%; i.e. 0.00% + 0.15% + 0.50% + 2.10% + 0.25% = 3.00%

The exception is the Wrap International Portfolio Bond cash account, where the current interest rate is 3.50% per annum and may vary from time to time.

Interest is calculated daily. If the base rate is negative this table will not apply, and paid rates may become negative. When the Bank of England base rate changes, the rate paid to customers will be updated within five working days. The interest rate on the Platform cash account is 0.00% per annum.

Cash Management Administration Charge

The rate we earn from our banking partner(s) may be higher or lower than base rate and may vary daily. We retain any additional interest earned as a margin to cover costs in managing cash. We call this margin the Cash Management Administration Charge (CMAC). The CMAC is taken directly from the interest received from the bank(s), so will not appear as a separate charge.


More about Wrap’s product administration charges

Product administration charges apply if your firm holds less than £75m in platform-eligible assets on Wrap. However, depending of the level of platform-eligible assets you hold on Wrap and how regularly you work with us, we can offer a reduction in the product administration charge.

Firm level platform-eligible assets on abrdn Wrap SIPP International Portfolio Bond and Onshore Bond
Less than £20m 0.05% 0.15%
£20m to £75m 0.05% 0.05%
More than £75m 0.00% 0.00%


If you’d like more information about Wrap’s charges, speak to your usual abrdn contact. If you don’t currently have an abrdn contact, please email

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