The value of investments can go down as well as up, and the investors could get back less than was paid in.

What is Professional Portfolio Manager?

The demands on portfolio management have never been greater. We’re here to help.

Professional Portfolio Manager helps you efficiently manage more client portfolios while controlling the complex practicalities of running in-house investment solutions.

This enables your businesses to scale its advisory investment processes in a more effective and fully compliant way.

Benefits of Professional Portfolio Manager

Building on the Wrap platform's existing capabilities the technology offers you:

Improved client outcomes
  • Mix and match portfolios to support multi-goal strategies from a single tax wrapper
  • Reduce trading costs with exchange traded instruments (ETI) charges of £1 per trade, per client
  • Enhanced client view with specific statements to track model portfolio performances and transactions
  • Align to target strategy for payments and withdrawals
Increased efficiency and scale
  • Save time with automated mechanical rebalancing
  • Easily identify and exclude clients from a rebalance while avoiding portfolio proliferation
  • Switch between individual assets without the need to rebalance the portfolio
Reduce risk
  • Separate user interface and segregated user access to control who can edit portfolios
  • Full audit trail and version control to see who has made portfolio changes and when the changes were made
  • Suite of MI reports to support making robust investment decisions

What's next?

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