The value of investments can go down as well as up, and your clients could get back less than they paid in. Laws and tax rules may change. Tax treatment will depend on individual circumstances, including where your clients live in the UK. This information is based on our understanding at September 2021.

Wrap products

Wrap makes it easy to support a wide range of products to suit your clients’ portfolio needs.

  • SIPP

    Gives clients more flexibility when investing and managing money or taking an income.

    • A tax efficient way to save for retirement
    • A wide range of bespoke investment solutions to a range of specialist investments
    • Clients have flexible access to their pension fund
    • Provides benefits for dependants upon death
    • Minimum investment amount is £10,000 (No minimum amount for additional single or transfer payments)
    Read more about Wrap SIPP drawdownLiterature for Wrap SIPP
  • Personal Portfolio

    With the personal portfolio your clients can hold a range of unwrapped investments.

    • Every Wrap account can hold up to five personal portfolios, allowing your clients to specify investment strategies for a particular purpose
    • Two CGT tools to support advisers when calculating CGT for clients – a CGT report showing gains and losses of disposals on the platform, and the Capital Gains Tax Scenario Tool allows you to model the impact of trades on a client’s CGT position based on a range of scenarios
    • Wide choice of investments are available including mutual funds, exchange traded instruments and model portfolios
    Literature for Wrap Personal Portfolio
  • ISA

    We offer a Stocks and Shares ISA with extensive investment options.

    • An opportunity for capital growth, regular income or a combination of both
    • Wide choice of investments are available including mutual funds, exchange traded instruments and model portfolios
    • Minimum investment amount is £500 (Lump sum), £250 (additional single) and £50 (regular)
    • If you withdraw money you may replace the withdrawal in the same tax year without the replacement counting towards your ISA maximum subscription limit
    Literature for Wrap ISAs
  • Junior ISA

    Our Wrap Junior ISA is available to existing Wrap clients, offering a tax efficient way to save and invest for a child (the “Junior”).

    • No platform charge until the Junior turns 18 and the Junior ISA is automatically converted into a standard Stocks and Shares ISA
    • Wide fund choice from a variety of fund managers and model portfolios
    • Access to all the main asset classes, investment styles and risk profiles
    • Flexible remuneration that you can agree with your client
    • Minimum investment amount is £500 single, £50 monthly, £150 quarterly, £300 half yearly or £500 yearly
    • Withdrawals only allowed once the Junior is age 18
    • Use our online form to apply
    Read more and apply for a Junior ISA
  • Cash account

    Each client automatically receives a cash account to manage uninvested funds.

    • Holds client money either pending an investment decision or to combine income from other wrappers before paying it out to your client
    • No restrictions on withdrawals
    • Withdrawal payments will normally be transferred to the client’s nominated account
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