Welcome to the Standard Life adviser website

We want to give you the very best support possible with your day-to-day client servicing. That’s why we’ve combined all the platform content from our Elevate Platform and Adviserzone sites into one new improved Standard Life Adviser website.

Based on adviser feedback, our new website now holds all information about our Wrap and Elevate platforms.

What's changed?

  • We’ve created a new literature hub to help you find documents more easily
  • All platform information, support, guides, new and insight in one place
  • A new help centre to access support with Wrap, Elevate and Fundzone processes


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Take a tour

Watch our demo video for a quick tour of the new website to see:

  • How the navigation works
  • An overview of the literature hub
  • The help centre
  • Improved search option

Website changes - Q&A

What happened to Adviserzone

Adviserzone still exists but platform information has been removed (with the necessary redirects in place) and it will focus solely on off-platform products and services.

Adviserzone is the home for secure tools and applications including:

  • Client servicing
  • New business and top ups online applications
  • Research and planning tools
  • Business servicing

All other content that used to sit on Adviserzone, including product information, help guides and literature are now on this new website.

Where can I find the tools I used to use?

Many of the tools that you used to have to log in for are now available on this website. You can find all our tools on our tool hub pages:

Wrap tools

Elevate tools

If you’re looking for a specific tool you can also use the search box by clicking the magnifying glass in the top right of your screen.

Will my bookmarks still work?

Yes. If you’ve saved any pages as favourites in your browser these will now redirect to take you to the correct new page on this website. However you won’t be able to access old versions of our webpages, even if you had saved that page as a bookmark.

How can I find literature / documents I need?

We created three new literature hubs which contain all our documents:

Wrap literature

Elevate literature

Fundzone literature

Each literature hub lets you search for documents by keyword, or filter down to find relevant documents by product, investment or document type. The most popular documents will appear first, however you can sort to alphabetical order by clicking the arrows at the top of the table.

You can download documents individually by clicking them or download in bulk by selecting the checkbox beside multiple documents and then clicking the download button at the bottom of your screen.

Has anything changed on the Wrap or Elevate platforms?

You still log in to Wrap and Elevate the same way you did before. While we’re continually investing in our platforms, nothing has changed as a result of this new website and any future enhancements will be communicated to you in the usual way

What happened to Techzone?

Techzone hasn’t changed. It’s still available as it was before. And because it’s an important resource for advisers there are now more links to Techzone on this site. You can find the latest Techzone articles on our adviser blog or access Techzone directly.

More resources for advisers