At abrdn, we help our customers work towards their savings and investment goals. And that means creating outcomes that are more than just financial.

Because done properly, investment creates opportunity – the opportunity to change things for the better. To not only create a better future for you and your family, but also for the communities around us, the environment we live in and the industries that shape our society.

Working together, we can all help build a better world.

That’s the power of investment.

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Invest in this… and you invest in that

When you invest with abrdn, your investment could go further than you think.

Say we’re investing in the construction of a new stadium. Your investment doesn’t just build stands and floodlights. It can build a home that binds a community.

Or take robotics. Your investment doesn’t just drive technological progress in industry. It can also help develop innovations like life-changing prosthetics.

More impact. More opportunities. More progress. That’s the power of investment.

How investment makes a difference

Plan, save and invest for your future

We help our clients to plan, save and invest for their futures. And together, we are creating new opportunities that reach far and wide.

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Enabling our clients to be better investors drives everything that our global team does. We manage and administer £542 billion of assets* for our clients, and we have over 1 million shareholders.

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*figures as at 31 December 2021

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We offer products and services to individuals, intermediaries and institutional investors; with the full ecosystem of capabilities to enable our clients to be better investors.

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