Invested in creating more.

More opportunity. More possibility. More impact.

Our investment offering
Powering change

At abrdn we believe in the power of investing to create more choice. More choice and more performance possibility for our clients. And more positive impact for society and our planet.

That’s why we use our worldwide investment expertise and resources to seek out the best investment opportunities globally. And ensure that many of the assets we hold can deliver real social and environmental benefits.

Thinking ahead

The future is never certain. We look to help clients navigate whatever’s ahead – and transform a world of constant change into a universe of investment potential.

Through multi-layered research, insights and analysis we assess the future of markets, industries and companies – and identify change.

This helps us determine where to invest – and how and where we need to innovate to better serve our clients.

Connecting perspectives

Today, there is no single source of the truth. So we embrace diversity of investment thought, experience, skills and technology to strive for the best investment ideas – and the best client outcomes.

As global teams we pool our collective insights, while breaking down internal boundaries between regions, asset classes and specialisms to leverage deep local insight and create deep connectivity to deliver the solutions and support to help every client achieve more every day.

Capabilities in focus

Smaller companies

Smaller companies account for around 70%* of all listed companies and offer a wealth of choice to investors. *Source: MSCI 31.12.2020

Sustainable Investing Solutions

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations underpin all our investment activities. Our goal is to make a difference – for our clients, society and the wider world.


Emerging Market Equities

Invest to perform, engage to transform.

Emerging Market Debt

Emerging market Debt is a compelling asset class, spanning a huge variety of countries, industries and companies.

Additional capabilities

Active Equities

Harness a spectrum of equity opportunity – through fundamental, team based research.

Fixed Income

Harness the full spectrum of fixed income solutions to target powerful outcomes.


Share in the return and diversification potential of leading and specialist hedge funds.


We help insurers optimise their investment portfolio to achieve their asset yield, capital efficiency and responsible investment objectives.

Private Markets

Valued and accepted as an attractive means to diversify a portfolio and achieve enhanced long-term return potential.


Blend a broader range of asset classes to target your risk-reward requirements.

Real Estate

We offer expertise across all principal real estate sectors – enabling our clients to target opportunities in their home markets and globally.

Quantitative investments

We focus on stock characteristics shown to be persistent drivers of excess return, such as value, quality, momentum and low volatility.

Sustainable Investing

Focusing on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors to improve client outcomes and power positive change.


Our capabilities