Our Alternative Investment Strategies team offers a full range of global hedge fund strategies across the liquidity spectrum. We help investors build more robust and diversified portfolios by providing research, access, implementation and ongoing management of portfolios of alternative investments.

We offer customised portfolios for institutional investors, UCITS and 1940 Investment Companies Act regulated or ‘liquid alternatives’ funds, low-cost alternative factor premia strategies, focused single-strategy solutions, managed accounts, and of course, funds of hedge funds.

These solutions can be focused on return-seeking approaches, which aim to provide strong diversification benefits, or protect portfolios during times of extreme market stress.

Key features of the Alternative Investment Strategies team:

Our offerings have adapted to meet the evolving needs of our investors, for example regarding regulation and liquidity

Tenure, reputation and deep and broad networks supports our advantageous manager relationships

Thorough research
Strategy specialists combine top-down market analysis with bottom-up manager due diligence

Portfolios are constructed using a rigorous framework that avoids reliance on backwards-looking return data

Risk awareness
Stress tests and ongoing risk monitoring and analysis are key to ongoing portfolio management

Environmental, social and governance
Our investment research incorporates the consideration of material ESG factors, so that we can more accurately understand the risks and opportunities presented by a potential investment


The key pillars of our investment approach:

Specialist managers
In depth proprietary research to identify best-in-class managers and opportunities
Source opportunities from across global network of specialist researchers

Broad insights
Strategy specialist teams operating within a pan-alternatives structure
Shared insights within and across research groups

Operational due diligence
Maintain independence in operational due diligence
If the legal, governance or administrative structure is not acceptable: do not invest

Thoughtful portfolio construction
Tailored portfolio solutions aligned to specific client objectives
Risk must be continually assessed in multiple ways


Our scale allows us to offer investors a range of solutions:

Liquid Alternatives
We manage several regulated, daily-dealing funds based on managed accounts. The assets are managed by specialist alternative investment managers under abrdn's control. These products allow investors access to hedge fund strategies which may not be available to the wider market in a regulated structure.

Alternative factor premia
A transparent, robust and cost effective approach to accessing differentiating alternative return sources

Co-mingled funds
Award-winning co-mingled products with a range of strategy focuses, risk/reward constraints and liquidity profiles

Customised portfolios
Designed and managed for our clients to meet their strategy, risk and return characteristics

Managed account solutions
We also design and construct portfolios for clients using third party hedge fund managers via managed accounts. This allows for greater asset control, transparency and customisation.

Advisory relationships
We provide tailored research and thought leadership to large, sophisticated institutional investors and advise on their hedge fund investments