As a leading global asset manager, we are an active and trusted partner to our insurance clients. Our wide range of investment solutions is backed by our distinctive investment philosophy, disciplined risk management and shared commitment to a culture of investment excellence.

The global insurance sector is very important to us. We currently manage insurance assets for a wide range of insurance clients across the UK, US, Europe and Asia and are one of the largest insurance asset managers in the world. As a result, our specialist team can provide clients with extensive support and thought leadership insights.

Changes in regulation and the challenging economic environment since the financial crisis have put pressure on insurers’ capital, solvency and reporting requirements. At the same time, there is a need to generate sufficient returns that meet their obligations. This is increasingly difficult in an environment of low interest rates and volatile financial markets.

As a result, many insurers are looking for an experienced, insurance-literate asset manager with the operational infrastructure to provide a range of investment solutions that are both capital efficient and can generate yield. Our long heritage of managing insurance assets means we have deep experience of understanding insurers’ requirements and in meeting their regulatory requirements, including extensive asset and risk reporting.

To meet the evolving needs of insurers, we offer:

  • Wide-ranging solutions across a broad range of asset classes from traditional fixed income to alternatives, across a range of risk and liquidity profiles.
  • Bespoke liability-focused and hedging solutions where appropriate
  • Fiduciary responsibilities for investors who would like to outsource investment decisions.
  • Support from a dedicated insurance solutions team who provide all of our insurance clients with specialist knowledge and tailored investment solutions for the most complex of challenges. We also have a wider team of experienced investment professionals and actuaries throughout the business whom we can call on as appropriate.
  • Significant experience within the insurance industry and detailed knowledge of regulation, risk, actuarial and accounting matters.
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