Our range of liquidity solutions seek not only to preserve the value of capital but also to provide investors with a return in excess of traditional bank deposits. Many institutional investors find this type of solution particularly attractive as it allows them to efficiently manage their working capital. A further advantage is that they can help to diversify their cash investments and therefore reduce risk.

We manage a range of liquidity assets for a broad range of institutional clients. These investors include corporates, banks, building societies, local authorities, universities, charities and pension funds. abrdn offer a selection of liquidity solutions capable of meeting your needs, whether they are capital preservation, daily dealing liquidity or enhanced yield.

At abrdn our expertise in managing liquidity assets allows us to offer bespoke solutions which can be tailored to meet your particular liquidity and yield objectives. Our liquidity solutions are available for investors who are looking for either daily dealing access to their liquidity assets or those not requiring immediate access but looking for potential to enhance their returns.

Key features of our range of liquidity solutions include:

  • typically AAA ratings by the major rating agencies
  • diversification both of investments and risk
  • availability across most major currencies
  • liquid, highly secure and actively managed portfolios
  • constant and variable net asset value (NAV) funds

Investors in our liquidity portfolios benefit from a highly experienced team of investment professionals who follow a robust investment approach. This is based on the three core tenets of capital preservation, liquidity maintenance and return stability.

Our successful management of liquidity assets depends on the ability to draw upon a breadth of investment expertise spanning a range of asset classes. This insight allows managers to leverage research and perspectives from within our credit, rates and macroeconomic strategy teams.

This collegiate approach, together with the global scale of abrdn, ensures our liquidity solutions are able to offer maximum value and opportunity for our clients.