In today’s complex and uncertain investment environment, investors are increasingly seeking solutions that meet specific investment objectives. abrdn is at the forefront of multi-asset investing, developing effective and innovative products – we are responding to investors’ need for positive returns and a smoother, more predictable investment journey.

At the heart of our multi-asset approach is our quest for genuine diversification. Many portfolios described as ‘diversified’ or ‘multi-asset’ are in fact restricted to a traditional mix of bonds, equities and/or real estate. While these asset classes have generally produced positive returns over the long term, short-term performance can be volatile, giving investors a worrisome and uncertain investment journey.

By contrast, our approach to multi-asset investment allows us to access an exceptionally broad and diverse investment universe. So, as well as equities, bonds and real estate across the globe, we can invest in specialised asset classes such as peer-to-peer lending, renewable infrastructure and insurance-linked securities. We can also take positions that seek to profit from our views on interest rates, inflation, currencies and volatility.

Whether investors are looking to achieve growth, capital preservation or regular income, we offer a range of multi-asset portfolios designed to address these needs. Each of our portfolios can be used as an effective standalone solution. Alternatively, they may be blended to achieve a specified risk and return outcome, or used as part of a wider portfolio of investments to enhance the targeted risk and return profile. Our multi-asset solutions include:

  • Absolute returns
  • Reduced-volatility/diversified growth
  • Risk-targeted/outcome-oriented
  • Diversified income
  • Liability aware
  • Capital preservation
  • Strategic (asset-allocation-targeted) portfolios

Key features of our multi-asset solutions:

  • Breadth of investment universe – having access to an exceptionally diverse pool of investments enhances our potential for both returns and risk diversification.
  • Skilled and experienced multi-asset investing team – our managers’ specialisms include portfolio management, qualitative and quantitative analysis, strategic thinking, economics, actuarial and risk management. Additionally, the team is able to draw on the expertise of our asset class specialists worldwide.
  • Collaborative investment ethos – sharing ideas and insights helps ensure we identify the best opportunities and make fully informed investment decisions. It also helps to provide resilience because our portfolios access the broad and deep talent of the entire team.
  • Balance of investment risk – effective risk management supports construction of portfolios with a balance of investment risks so they can perform in multiple environments. Our multi-asset portfolios benefit from our established risk management expertise, processes and infrastructure.
  • Long-term investment horizon – while many invest for the short term, we seek to understand the persistent and pervasive drivers of longer-term market opportunities that offer more reliable return potential.

Our Strategies