abrdn has been successfully managing quantitative investment strategies since 2005. We offer systematic, rules-based solutions that enable investors to implement their own long-term investment strategy.

  • Broaden your potential

    With more than £40bn* of assets under management, our quantitative investment strategies team offers a wide range of building blocks that follow a traditional, sustainable or enhanced- indexation approach. Through a single trade, investors can gain exposure to hundreds of securities in a cost-effective manner.

    * as at 30 June 2022

  • Target your outcome

    Whether investors are looking for passive exposures, improved sustainable outcomes, or outperformance in a risk-controlled manner, abrdn offers solutions across both listed equities and fixed income. So whatever your investment goals, we aim to have a solution to match them.

  • Focus on sustainability

    At abrdn, we apply active ownership across all of our funds. We engage with all our active equity holdings and also vote on all our equity holdings.

What we offer

  • Indexation

    We offer traditional equity and fixed- income indexation strategies across a wide range of global, regional and local markets.

  • Enhanced indexation

    We focus on multiple ‘risk premia,’ such as value, quality and momentum. We target above-benchmark returns in a risk-controlled manner.

  • Sustainable indexation

    We track our own customised equity and fixed- income indices. These aim to deliver improved sustainable outcomes, while retaining the same risk and return profile as their parent indices.