Macro minutes: Build back better — Biden’s infrastructure plan

As President Biden unveils a $2 trillion dollar infrastructure package for the U.S., it’s clear that his administration are committed to strengthening the post-pandemic economy. This episode of Macro minutes discusses the key challenges of the proposal and what it means for politics, climate change and beyond.

Welcome to another week of Macro minutes. Joining our host Stephanie Kelly, for another U.S. politics special, is the familiar voice of Luke Bartholomew, our Senior Monetary Economist and regular guest on the podcast. Together they open up the conversation around President Biden’s bold infrastructure plan and its macro and political impacts.

Part 1 sets the scene for the U.S. in terms of the Covid crisis before explaining what the infrastructure package includes and how it's funded

Part 2 covers what this new proposal actually means in relation to politics, the macro environment and climate change.






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