ASI HFRI Index Tracking Platform

For Alpha, Choose Beta


Hedge funds are a complex asset class. Throughout their history they have, at times, intimidated even the most experienced institutional investors. But today, investable hedge-fund indices make this asset class less daunting and more accessible.

Enter the Aberdeen Standard Investments HFRI Index Tracking Platform. This platform, created in exclusive partnership with Hedge Fund Research (HFR), offers passive hedge-fund exposure through physical investments into each of the underlying hedge-fund constituents.

We can offer a variety of flagship HRI indices or build custom indices/benchmarks tailored to your plan’s requirements.

Funds in Focus

ASI HFRI 500 Fund

This global, equal-weighted multi-strategy investable benchmark that tracks the performance of 500 investable hedge funds that report to the HFR database. It’s a simple and low-cost way to access the hedge fund benchmark return and it also provides a fair comparison for evaluating active portfolio performance.


ASI HFRX Macro/CTA Index Fund

This strategy-level index tracker aims to give investors access to the returns on offer from macro hedge-fund managers. It includes both systematic and discretionary macro funds. Through several techniques and methods of analysis, HFRX Indices seek to ensure that each sub-index is a pure representation of its corresponding investment focus.

ASI Women Access Fund

This multi-strategy approach to hedge fund investing is designed to deliver reduced volatility and low sensitivity to traditional assets with the focus of supporting female investment professionals in the hedge fund industry.


Note: The Funds discussed are not available or suitable for all investors and intended solely for institutional / accredited investors. Potential investors must meet certain regulatory eligibility requirements and criteria. Please refer to the Important Information below and the disclosures provided within the ASI material for additional, important information regarding the Fund.