FATCA update and confirmation of Global Intermediary Identification Numbers (“GIINs”)
This Notice contains important information regarding new US tax regulation requirements which come into effect from 1 July 2014:


a) FATCA background
The Foreign Account Tax Compliance provisions of the United States Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act (“FATCA”) generally impose a U.S. federal reporting and withholding tax regime on non-US financial institutions with respect to certain U.S. source income (including, among other types of income, dividends and interest) and gross proceeds from the sale or other disposal of property. The rules are designed to require certain U.S. persons’ direct and indirect ownership of certain non-U.S. accounts and non-U.S. entities to be reported to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”). A 30% withholding tax regime could apply if there is a failure to provide certain required information and these rules apply to such payments made after 30 June 2014.


b) Applicability to Aberdeen’s Funds
The Funds are domiciled in Singapore. Singapore is expected to enter into an intergovernmental agreement with the IRS to facilitate FATCA compliance. FATCA compliance will be enforced under new local tax legislation and reporting rules. The Funds will comply with these rules and may, in due course, require additional information from investors in order to comply with relevant FATCA obligations.

Aberdeen Standard Investments (Asia) Limited has been registered as the sponsoring entity for all funds of Aberdeen Standard Select Portfolio. The GIIN for Aberdeen Standard Investments (Asia) Limited is CIMNLP.00000.SP.702.

c) Important information for investors in Aberdeen Funds
We highlight the general prohibition on US Persons holding shares in the Funds, this is detailed in the prospectus of the Funds and/or Fund documentation. This prohibition remains even if investors, who are US Persons, provide documentation demonstrating their compliance with US tax requirements. You may have obligations under FATCA (or obligations pursuant to equivalent local legislation). It is your responsibility to comply with any FATCA requirements.

If you are in any doubt as to your obligations under FATCA you should consult your own professional advisers.

d) General administration reminder
If there has been a change of circumstances since completion of your application form, please note you must advise Aberdeen Standard Investments (Asia) Limited or the Distributor through whom they have purchased the units of the Fund(s) of such change and continue to update of any future changes.

Further information on the Funds is available in their respective prospectuses and Fund documentation.

Aberdeen Standard Investments (Asia) Limited