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Harvest income and capital growth opportunities

abrdn Global Dynamic Dividend Fund (ABGDD)

With bond yields compressing and USD15 trillion1 in bonds now earning negative yields, equity income is now more important than ever. Equity is one asset class where investors can still find attractive potential yields. Even in Q2 2020 during a worldwide health crisis, global equities paid out an aggregate almost USD400 billion2 in dividends. The universe of dividend-paying stocks is large and diversified, with a long history of growth. Continued demand for income as ageing societies save for retirement also incentivises companies to sustain their dividend pay-outs.

ABGDD will mainly invest in the master fund, Aberdeen Standard SICAV I – Global Dynamic Dividend Fund.

Key features


Income and growth potential

The outlook for economic growth amid a worldwide health pandemic appears challenged. But when conditions turn volatile, companies that pay dividends can offer investors an income as they wait for markets to recover. In addition to yield, dividend stocks also offer investors potential capital growth.



In today’s environment of record-low bond yields, an equity dividend strategy can act as a good diversifier for investors seeking income. It also boasts low correlation to other income-yielding asset classes such as bonds, providing investors with the opportunity to build a more balanced portfolio.


Our global footprint

We draw on the expertise of a 120+ strong equity investment team operating in 13 markets worldwide, combining their local insights with global perspectives. They analyse thousands of companies and maintain a recommended buy-list of about 1,100 stocks that meet the standards of our rigorous due diligence.

Available share classes and benefits


ABGDD-A (Accumulation)

Reap income and capital gain opportunities by investing in top quality global stocks.

This share class aims to capture capital growth opportunities by reinvesting the dividends.


ABGDD-R (Auto Redemption)

Harvest a consistent, above average dividend payout* while partaking in capital growth opportunities.

With the auto-redemption feature, income paid out are non-taxable.

*In comparison to the Global High Dividend Equity Index
Source: Bloomberg, abrdn, August 2020. MSCI AC World Total Return Net as Global High Dividend Equity.


ABGDD-SSF (Super Savings Fund)

Enjoy full tax benefits while meeting your investment goals.

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1Source: Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Negative Yielding Debt, USD terms, 2 September 2020
2Source: Financial Times, Global dividends suffer worst quarterly fall since 2009, 24 August 2020.