Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is a global leader in effective water resource management in the production of semiconductors

With ever-growing demand for mobile phones, computers, smart appliances and vehicles, the need for semiconductors will only keep growing. But the production process for the chips that are the ‘brains of modern electronics’ requires vast volumes of ultrapure water.

In a such a hugely water-reliant industry, TSMC leads the way in effective water resource management. Its numerous reclaiming and recycling efforts enabled it to recycle 86% of all the water it used in 2020. 1

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  • Group

    Two billion (or a quarter) of the world’s population doesn’t have reliable access to clean, safe drinking water 2

  • Sector-wise globally, agricultural accounts for 59% of water use, followed by municipal and domestic use at 23% and industrial use at 18% 3

  • Global reach

    Water covers 78% of the world’s surface but only 3% of earth’s water is fresh and only 0.5% is available fresh water 4

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