We must all take action today to shape the world we, and future generations, want to live in. As our business looks ahead to its third century, we're committed to playing our part and are acutely aware of our duty to drive action on climate change and engage our clients on the subject.

We also know that commitments need to be more than words. We need to be held to account on both our plans and progress – through clear and specific targets, and transparent and credible reporting.

Sustainable change starts with our own operations. That’s why we have set an ambitious interim science-based target: to achieve a 50% reduction against our 2018 baseline in our operational emissions by 2025. This is five years earlier than the latest climate science deems necessary to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement and an important step towards net zero by 2050.

To drive sustainable change as an investor, decarbonising portfolios is vital, but not enough on its own. Our focus is on real-world decarbonisation – we believe that sustainable change will be driven by transition leaders and innovative climate solutions for a modern world. Developing those solutions requires investment, so we’re building on our track record of successful engagement with our investee companies to support ambitious and credible decarbonisation goals. This approach aligns with the goals of the Net Zero Investment Framework that we contributed to as members of the IIGCC Paris Aligned Investment Initiative – it provides the foundation for how we think about net zero solutions.

We’re committed to keeping our stakeholders updated on our progress. We do this through our annual climate reporting, which is aligned with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations, and our leading, in-depth ESG client reports.

You can read more about our climate commitments using the links below.