ESG Integration

ESG considerations as standard process

Integrated funds embed the consideration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities into the investment process. These funds aim to make better-informed investment decisions and to benefit from active ownership of assets.

  • Values

    Relecting investors' ethics or values

    Values focused funds investing according to the investors' values. These funds can exclude or include certain companies or industries based on these values. They can also combine both approaches.

  • Sustainable

    Improving standards and supporting better practices

    Sustainable funds aim to manage sustainability issue on a more proactive basis. They invest in sustainable companies or other investment activities with better manages of ESG factors. They avoid certain industries that are deemed unsustainable.

  • Thematic

    Focus on environmental or social themes

    Thematic funds aim to help investors benefit from specific responsible themes such as climate change or changing demographics and sustainable technology.

  • Impactful

    Positively impacting the world around us

    These funds contribute positively to the world by investing in companies that provide solutions, products or services that counter environmental and/or social challenges. These funds often choose to align their approach to recognisable standard, such as the UK Sustainable Development Goals.