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The mFund Settlement Service enables investors to buy and sell units in selected unlisted managed funds directly with the mFund issuer via a stockbroker or advisory services used to transact shares or other ASX products. The funds listed below are all available on mFund. These funds draw on the skills and expertise of our investment teams around the world to offer unique opportunities to diversify your investment portfolio.

abrdn International Equity Fund (ASX mFund code AFZ04)

Access the potential gains from some of the world’s fastest growing and most successful companies, identified by abrdn's global team

abrdn Multi-Asset Income Fund (ASX mFund code AFZ16)

Invest for a regular monthly income generated from a range of growth assets including equities and property securities, and defensive assets such as fixed income and cash

abrdn Multi-Asset Real Return Fund (ASX mFund code AFZ32)

Access a dynamically managed portfolio of growth and defensive assets that aims to provide long-term outperformance above inflation

abrdn Sustainable Asian Opportunities Fund (abrdn Sustainable Asian Opportunities Fund)

<p>Harness abrdn's 25 years of experience in investing in dynamic companies from some of the world’s most exciting markets</p><p></p>

abrdn Sustainable Emerging Opportunities Fund (ASX mFund code AFZ03)

Rely on abrdn's experience and skill to uncover the long-term growth potential of emerging market companies

abrdn Sustainable International Equities Fund (ASX mFund code AFZ18)

Invest with abrdn in some of the world’s strongest companies while hedging up to 50% of the foreign currency risk

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