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10. Summary of investor Rights applicable to Luxembourg SICAVs

Please be aware that this note is intended as a short summary of your key rights as a shareholder in a SICAV company for the purposes of the European Union Cross Border Distribution Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2019/1156). It is not intended to be and cannot be an exhaustive list of all rights which shareholders may have in respect of the company. Please refer to the company’s prospectus for further details in respect of the company.

  • Right to Participate in the Investments of the company – Each shareholder has the right to participate in the gains or losses in accordance with the investment objective and policy of the relevant fund and proportionate to the shareholder’s shareholding in such fund. Shareholders do not have any direct rights on the assets held within the portfolio of the funds but can only participate indirectly in the variation of the value of these assets through their holding of shares. Although the company constitutes one single entity, the assets of a fund are exclusively available to investors and creditors of that fund. Full details of each fund’s investment objective and policy are set out in its prospectus.
  • Right to Receive Income – Each shareholder has the right to a proportionate share of the income (if any) of the fund in which the shareholder has invested. Depending on the nature of the shares held by the shareholder, such income may either be accumulated into the net asset value of the shareholder’s shares or distributed to the shareholder as a dividend payment, in accordance with the terms of the prospectus of the company.
  • Right to Receive Information – Each shareholder has the right to receive certain information about the company and the fund(s) in which the shareholder has invested. This information will include the company’s annual and semi-annual financial statements and further information may be available upon request. Further details in this respect are contained in the latest prospectus of the company.
  • Right to Attend and Vote at Shareholder Meetings – Each shareholder has the right to receive notice of, attend in person or by proxy and vote at general meetings of the company and any meetings of the shareholders of the particular fund or share class in which the shareholder has invested, if the investor is registered herself/himself/itself and in her/his/its own name in the register of shareholders of the fund. Subject to any special rights or restrictions for the time being attached to any share class, each shareholder has the right to one vote at general meetings for each whole share held. To the extent permitted by law, the board of directors of the company may suspend the right to vote of any shareholder which does not fulfil its obligations under the prospectus, articles of incorporation or any document (including any application form) stating its obligations towards the fund and/or the other shareholders.
  • Right to Redeem Shares – Each shareholder has the right to request the company to redeem either a specific number of the shareholder’s shares or shares of a specified value on any dealing day at their net asset value per share on such dealing day, subject to any applicable charges and the terms of the redemption process set out in the prospectus. In order to redeem shares as of any particular dealing day, shareholders must submit a properly completed redemption form to the transfer agent of the company before the relevant dealing deadline.
  • Right to Data Privacy – Each shareholder should note that by applying for shares, the shareholder has provided or will provide information to the company, which may constitute personal data within the meaning of the relevant data protection legislation and should be aware that this personal data will processed by the company in accordance with its privacy statement.
  • Right to Complain – Each shareholder which is not satisfied with its experience as an investor in the company is entitled to bring a complaint to the company in accordance with the applicable complaints handling policy. Shareholders may also have the right to complain to the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier. In addition, Directive (EU) 2020/1828 of 25 November 2020 on representative actions for the protection of the collective interests of consumers provides for a collective redress mechanism which applies, in case of infringements by traders of the provisions of amongst others Directive 2009/65/EC relating to undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS) including such provisions as transposed into national law that harm or may harm the collective interests of consumers. Directive (EU) 2020/1828 shall be transposed by Member States, including Luxembourg, by 25 December 2022 at the latest and the provisions shall be applicable from 25 June 2023. Luxembourg has not yet implemented Directive (EU) 2020/1828 but a bill of law is currently pending.

This summary of key rights is not and does not purport to be exhaustive and shareholders should review the prospectus in its entirety and consult with their professional advisers to understand their rights more fully.