Community engagement

Powerful partnerships for tomorrow’s generation.

We connect people to opportunities, to their communities and to the natural world. We do this through employee engagement and building powerful charity partnerships.

Charitable giving

Supporting tomorrow’s generation
The focus of our charitable giving strategy is tomorrow’s generation. We build charity partnerships to align with one of two main categories – People and Planet – to help us create a positive social and environmental impact for future generations, within local communities and across the globe.
Powerful partnerships strategy

A commitment to significant funding with partners where our support will help make a transformative impact.

people on a street


We are helping people overcome barriers and gain access to opportunities aligned to education, employment and financial wellness.



We are protecting nature and addressing climate change.


Partnerships that are enabled through technology and innovation.

Engage colleagues

We want partners that engage our colleagues to use their skills in volunteering to benefit society.

Enrich connections

Enrich colleagues through meaningful connections to our partners.

Enhance fundraising

Colleague fundraising can be increased through company matching initiatives.

Strategic and regional charity partnerships

We aim to create fair and impactful charity partnerships which are aligned to our strategy and engage colleagues to use their skills to benefit society.

Our strategic partners



In 2024, we announced a partnership with WorkingRite, a Scottish charity transforming the lives of young people who struggle to find a route into college or work before they leave school. WorkingRite advocates for mentored work-based learning as an effective approach to prepare disengaged and disadvantaged young people for the workforce. WorkingRite’s collaboration with abrdn aims to significantly enhance support for disengaged mid-teen students in Scottish secondary schools, helping them transition into sustainable careers. abrdn colleagues can actively participate by volunteering their skills, promoting project successes, and advocating for systemic change alongside WorkingRite. There will also be more long-term mentoring opportunities for colleagues in Scotland to further develop the partnership between abrdn and WorkingRite.

The Alan Turing Institute

The Alan Turing Institute

In 2022 we committed to support The Alan Turing Institute in its mission to change the world for the better using data science and artificial intelligence research. We are enabling a global research programme to monitor and collect biodiversity data, with the goal of bridging the knowledge gap between insect populations and ecosystem impacts. The partnership brings together the experts from the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH) and The Alan Turing Institute who are developing the use of automated sensors, bioacoustics, and computer vision to monitor insects, bats, and birds. Our support is enabling the technology to be deployed in countries including Costa Rica, Panama, and Singapore. The project will result in open access biodiversity data for communities and provide opportunities for citizen science.



Promoting environmental sustainability through research and education

In March 2022, we announced a three-year partnership between the abrdn Charitable Foundation and UNESCO, and we are supporting UNESCO programmes focused on environmental sustainability, climate change and ocean science. During the second year of the partnership, our funding is supporting five projects in five countries, with key focus areas aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Each project places an important emphasis on education, as well as promoting the importance of innovative 'blue' and 'green' solutions for climate change mitigation and sustainable development.



Supporting financial education for young adults in the UK

In 2022 we partnered with MyBnk, whose mission is to empower young people to take charge of their future by bringing money to life. Over our three-year partnership we will support MyBnk to deliver financial education programmes to young adults in the UK through a series of money management workshops, focused on household finance including budgeting, banking, and digital financial skills – with the potential to reach up to 10,000 individuals during the partnership. We are looking for opportunities for our people to support directly through skills-based volunteering, as we reflect reflect a commitment to support financial inclusion as abrdn.

Our regional partners

In 2022 we asked of our colleagues to vote for an aligned charity partnership across the UK, EMEA, Asia Pacific, and Americas. We have established two-year partnerships with the selected charities and are funding localised programmes in further support of tomorrow’s generation.

Street league


Our UK partner Street League use the power of sport to support young people into employment.
Invest in girls


Invest in Girls are our partner in the US, their mission is to usher in the next generation of financially literate girls and increase the number of women working in finance.
Malala Fund


Chosen by our colleagues in EMEA, Malala Fund are working for a world where every girl can learn and lead.


Our colleagues in APAC selected WWF Singapore as their partner. Our funding will contribute to the protection and restoration of forests in Thailand by supporting farmers to implement agroecology over four hectares, plant over 5,000 trees.

abrdn Charitable Foundation

Our giving strategy is governed through the abrdn Charitable Foundation, with our Board of Directors meeting quarterly to consider new partnerships aligned to our strategy.

How to apply for funding

  • Check proposal aligns with our charitable giving strategy
    We review proposals against our planet and people strategy for tomorrow’s generation.
  • Complete this expression of interest form
    Provide a few brief details to allow us to review your proposal.
  • We will contact you if funding is considered
    We will contact you if funding is considered for funding, we will be back in touch for more information.
  • Board of Directors quarterly review
    The abrdn Charitable Foundation Directors meets and reviews funding requests that are aligned to our strategy on a quarterly basis.
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