The Savings Ladder: A manifesto to get Britain investing

In an election year, we are launching a new campaign and setting out a series of recommendations to help tackle the UK's looming retirement challenge.

What lessons can be learned from the UK’s devotion to the ‘property ladder’ that can be applied to another critical issue that society faces – the savings gap?  

With government spending under pressure and retirement provision resting increasingly on the individual, abrdn has started a campaign to highlight the growing need for the nation to embrace a ‘savings ladder’ culture where saving, investing and pensions become a much bigger part of how people view their finances throughout their lives.

Our campaign to get Britain investing

Launch release

With an election due in the coming months, we’ve announced a new campaign to get Britain investing

Our five policy proposals

We’ve set out a series of policy ideas to help grow a savings and investing culture in the UK

Property ladder versus Savings Ladder

abrdn CEO Stephen Bird talks about the gap between the nation’s devotion to property and attitudes towards saving and investing, and what can be done about it.