Elevate fees and charges

Find out about the fees and charges that might be applied to your account.

Risk warning

The value of your investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you paid in. Tax rules can always change in the future. Your own circumstances and where you live in the UK could have an impact on tax treatment.

Elevate's pricing is easy to understand

Our pricing structure is based on clearly defined charging tiers depending on the amount you have invested.

The information on this page is an overview of charges only.

Full details of all charges are included in your Terms and Conditions (PDF) or read through our Charges guide (PDF)

Simple pricing structure
  • You will be charged the lowest portfolio rate you qualify for.
  • When a reduced charge tier is reached, the charge applies to your whole portfolio.
  • Charges are clear. You will always see a full breakdown of payments.
Competitive rates
  • Elevate’s clearly defined charging tiers mean fees are reduced as your investments increase.
  • Family members who link accounts pay the portfolio charge for the total of combined assets.
Complete flexibility and no hidden charges
  • There aren't any extra switching charges if you move your money between funds.
  • There aren't any additional charges for using model portfolio functionality or tools.
  • There aren't any withdrawal or transfer-out charges.

Elevate portfolio charge

The Elevate Portfolio Charge is a service charge for administering your Elevate account and carrying out transactions on your portfolio. This charge is expressed as an annual figure, however we calculate it on a daily basis and it’s paid monthly. The charge is a percentage of the value of your Elevate portfolio, which is made up of the money in your Elevate Cash and the cash and investments held in your product wrapper(s).

The Elevate Portfolio Charge uses a tiered structure, which means the percentage you pay is linked to the value of your portfolio, so the percentage you pay reduces as the value of your Elevate portfolio increases and vice versa.

The following table is a typical example of the Elevate Portfolio Charge:

Value of Elevate portfolio Elevate annual portfolio charge
£0 - £149,999 0.30%
£150,000 - £999,999 0.25%
£1,000,000 - £2,499,999 0.20%
£2,500,000 - £4,999,999 0.15%
£5,000,000+ 0.10%

Please note this may differ from the charge that applies to your Elevate portfolio. For the specific charge that applies to your portfolio see your charges information document. If you would like more information about your charges or how they impact your account, please call the customer centre on 0345 600 2399. Call charges will vary.

Elevate documents

Comparing platform charges - Elevate (PDF)Opens in new window

Jargon in financial services can be confusing, which makes it hard for you to compare services or understand what you’ll pay. This document identifies the main components of platform charges and explains what these different charges might look like.

Your guide to charges (PDF)Opens in new window

For more information about Elevate’s pricing, please see our charges guide.

Elevate contacts

If you are an existing Elevate client and you have questions about Elevate or the products available on the platform, you can find out how to get in touch here.

Elevate cash and interest rates

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