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What people are asking us

Most people are surprised how much better they feel by taking advice. That feeling of financial well-being comes from:

Confidence - a plan built around you, and investments designed to work for you

Reassurance - decisions that fit your needs, even as life changes

Peace of mind - your advice is backed by the financial strength of abrdn and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Yes. Most pension and investment products have fees and charges. These are paid to the product provider to cover things such as their administration and management costs.

We regularly review the fees and charges on the products we recommend to make sure they deliver good value. And our size means that the rates for our clients are some of the most competitive around.

Financial planning and advice fees are generally taken directly from the investments we’re managing for you.

If you’re using services such as will writing you can also pay by cheque or bank transfer if you’d prefer.

What you pay is based on the services you need. And you don’t pay anything until you’ve seen and agree the fee for the services you want us to provide.


You’ve built up pensions and investments of £1,100,000, have complex financial affairs, and a wide range of investment and wealth management advice needs. In this case the initial one-off fee would be 1% of the assets we’re managing for you, so £11,000. And the ongoing charge would be 0.69% of the assets we’re managing for you - £7,590 a year.

These fees and charges come from the savings we’re managing for you, so they’re not extra money you have to find.

There’s no standard amount that a financial adviser charges. But typically, an adviser will charge a one-off set-up fee and an ongoing charge, both based on a percentage of assets they advise on. We regularly benchmark our fees and charges against those of other large advice firms, so we’re confident they compare very favourably.

*Source: International Longevity Centre Advice Report, 2019
Fees and charges are correct as at August 2021.