Patrick Haines

Financial Planning Director

Patrick Haines is a Chartered Financial Planner and began his career in financial services over 30 years ago. Before joining abrdn, Patrick was Regional Head of Advice at Close Brothers for 7 years and previously an independent financial adviser at a firm specialising in advising members of the legal profession.

Patrick's role involves working with clients who are serious about their financial planning to advise them on their wealth – that’s why he joined abrdn. This includes how to build wealth, enjoy it and pass it onto their families. His clients tend to be current or retired professionals.

He uses his expertise by spending time getting to know his clients in detail to help them achieve what they want from their lives and existing provision. Clients say that he is able to help them understand how their wealth can work for them. For Patrick, it is the focus on strategic planning which makes a real difference to what they are doing now and in the future, helping them to reach their ultimate goals.

As a Chartered Financial Planner at our London office, Patrick works with his own support team to ensure that our clients’ needs are met and that we exceed expectations. His team is dedicated to working with clients to develop long-term strategies and give outstanding client service. Patrick and his team all bring different skills to the work we do for clients; client support throughout the year, research and analysis on client matters and providing advice when it is needed.

Outside of work, Patrick enjoys spending time with his family as well as cycling, cooking and watching sports, specifically rugby.