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Your retirement journey starts here

When it comes to retirement, it’s ok not to know. We can help.

How we can help you

We understand that everyone’s retirement is different. We’re retirement specialists, here to help you make sense of the future. Whatever that looks like.
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Not sure where to start

From free support to personalised financial advice, see how we can help you start planning your retirement, for the future you want.

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Ready to start planning

Want to put your retirement plan into action? Find out how we can help you do that, and make the most of your money.

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Looking for advice

Get information on our great-value personalised financial advice. On average over five years, we’re 50% cheaper than the market.

Holly Mackay

Holly Mackay

CEO and Founder - Boring Money Digital Advice Group

“Peace of mind for 50+ customers planning for retirement who want some advice and someone to tell them what to do – without paying over the odds or getting anything too fancy.”

Holly Mackay

CEO and Founder - Boring Money Digital Advice Group

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See your retirement income

Calculate what your retirement income could be in just 5 minutes by answering a few simple questions. You’ll also get tips on how you can make your money work to reach your retirement goals.

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Planning your retirement

In our free guide, find answers to the top 5 retirement planning questions we get asked. Plus quick tips to help you start planning your retirement and real-life stories from people we’ve helped with their retirement.

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Financial Planning Consultant

Book a free 15-minute call with us today to start exploring your future.

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A look at how to make early retirement work for you

What to consider if you're thinking about continuing to work in retirement

Retirement spending, budgets and tax


Transition to retirement

Our free guide gives the lowdown on the 4 stages that people will generally go through as they transition to retirement. Plus it has hints and tips on how you can make your retirement dream a reality.

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Life in retirement

Find out what it’s like to retire in the UK today and how retirement is changing. Our Class of 2022 UK retirement report includes findings from 2,000 UK adults about their retirement plans and what it’s like to be retired.

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