Wrap platform products

The abrdn Wrap platform, provided by Standard Life Savings Limited, gives you access to a range of available products from different providers, each with their own features, limits, and tax rules. These can be held in any combination, although your Wrap account already has a Wrap Cash account and a personal portfolio.

Some products you can open yourself over the phone with us, but others require a financial adviser to open the product on your behalf. If you have a financial adviser not assigned to your Wrap account, you can appoint them as your Wrap adviser and they will be able to fully utilise the features of the Wrap platform.

Wrap Cash

Your Wrap Cash account is not part of any of the products you hold on the Wrap platform. Its function is to provide a cash holding account where fees can be taken from. Wrap Cash is also used when transferring money between products, for instance, if you were moving money from your personal portfolio into your Individual Savings Account (ISA), it would go into Wrap Cash first. Interest is paid on holdings within Wrap Cash as well as any cash holdings within your products. For more information about charges and interest rates, please see our Wrap platform charges and interest rates page.

Learn more about our products & investments

For more information about the products that are offered on the Wrap platform, please select an option below. You can also visit the literature library to find our Wrap products Key Features documents.