Social Factors

Together… we are building a more inclusive business and fairer society.

It starts with us…

In a world that’s changing quickly, it’s important we create the conditions that enable our business to have a real-world impact. That’s what we’re going to do. We will go further for our clients. We will be a better and more inclusive employer. We will play our part in building a world that is more sustainable, just, inclusive and diverse.

Investing with purpose

We want to raise awareness and drive positive change to support fair and inclusive work, equality of opportunity and connect with those isolated from society. We will aim to direct finance towards companies that are having a positive social impact and protecting their workers, and encourage them to maintain the high standards we ask of ourselves. Social factors represent key themes aligned with our Sustainable investing process, along with:

Focus on

How Social factors impact our operations as a business as well as our investment decisions

Key Documents