Investor information

The cost, performance and risk calculations included in the Key Information Document ("KID") follow the methodology prescribed by EU rules.

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Investors should be aware that the PRIIPs Regulation requires the AIFM, as PRIIP manufacturer, to prepare and publish a KID in respect of the Class Funds. This KID must be provided to retail investors by the person advising or selling the Class Fund(s) prior to them making any investment decision or being bound by any contract or offer relating to the Class Fund(s). Investors should note that the procedures for calculating the risks, costs and potential returns are prescribed by EU rules. The figures in the KID may not reflect the expected returns for the Class Fund. Anticipated performance returns cannot be guaranteed.

An investment in one of the Class Funds may go down as well as up and past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

MiFID II Top 5 Reports

Annual publication on specific 'quantitative and qualitative' information related to the Top 5 Brokers (or venues) through which client orders were executed, on a per asset class and per client type basis, is required. abrdn has made this annual report.